The recreational fishing industry is an important economic engine for Massachusetts and Rhode Island, yet the value is not widely recognized. We believe that Federal and state governments concentrate political and scientific effort and resources on commercial fishing, even though the impact of recreational fishing is equally important. In addition, fisheries managers have been unable to find methods for reliable recreational fishing data collection that would allow for consistent fishing regulations, thus improving the recreational fishing industry and its positive impacts.

The Recreational Fishing Symposium was jointly sponsored by

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation

The University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute

The Northeast Regional
Ocean Council

Goals of the Symposium
  • Characterize the value and economic impact that recreational fishing has and could have; Share what is known about recent research and available information regarding the nature and management of the Southern New England recreational fishery;
  • Present and discuss three elements that, if addressed properly, are key to the recreational fishing industry's future success; and,
  • Begin to build an Action Plan that takes action on these elements, which the RI Saltwater Anglers Association can promote with its membership and partners.