Recreational fishing worth $160 million to the State of Rhode Island
It's fact!

Saltwater recreational fishing generates a total economic impact of
$160 million to Rhode Island economy!

That's not all. Direct expenditures by recreational saltwater anglers total $70 million a year.
That's more than $26 million higher than the landed value of commercial fisheries in Rhode Island!

These, and many other facts, were generated by a study conducted by Ninigret Partners. Foundation

The $20,000 study was funded by the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation.

“This study tells us that recreational fishing is an even greater force in the Rhode Island economy than we ever believed," said RISAA President Steve Medeiros.  “It sends a strong message that sport fishing is an industry and a key aspect of our economy and way of life in the Ocean State.  It shows that we should invest in its future and safeguard our fisheries.”

Rhode Island fishing Rhode Island has become a world-class angling destination thanks to its majestic coastline and Narragansett Bay.  This study should convince Legislators that supporting recreational angling, public access and programs to provide a healthy Narragansett Bay will benefit all citizens of Rhode Island.

The study examined facts, figures and documents from government and other sources, as well as examining financial records of participating bait shops, charter captains and interviews with anglers.  

It resulted in a document, "Rhode Island Recreational Saltwater Fishing Industry Trends and Economic Impage," filled with important facts, figures and trends.  Did you know that:

More than $24 million in wages and 1,000 jobs are tied directly to saltwaterRhode Island fishing recreational fishing in Rhode Island.

Saltwater recreational fishing is one of the most important outdoor recreational amenities for Rhode Islanders’;

Saltwater fishing is the most prevalent activity among boaters in RI;

More than 50% of saltwater anglers in RI waters are from out-of-state;

The complete study can be viewed ONLINE