Section 1. General. The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association will hold a monthly meeting. Types of meetings shall include Seminars, Business Meetings and the Annual Meeting to take place in December of each year. More than one type of meeting may occur on the same date.

Only Members in good standing shall be allowed to vote in elections or on matters pertaining to the Association during any Association meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible to confirm that business is decided by Members in good standing.

Section 2. Seminars. Seminars shall be held to provide the forum as described in Article 2, Purpose.

Section 3. Business Meetings. A Business Meeting open to all members in good standing shall be held a the descretion of the Board of Directors, whenever the Board decides that a dialogue with the Membership or vote by the Membership is in the best interest of the Association. The President shall direct the Executive Director to send written notification with a draft agenda to the Association at least twenty (20) days prior to the time of the Business Meeting.

Section 4. Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors shall schedule each December for the Association's Annual Meeting, at which the Elections of Officers shall occur, and the Board of Directors and each committee's chairperson shall present their annual report to the Association. Except for circumstances caused by an emergency as determined by the Board, the date of the Annual Meeting shall be published in the Association monthly newsletter at least three (3) months prior to the Meeting.

Section 5. Special Meeting. A special meeting may be called upon written request signed by at least twenty-five (25) Members. Upon receipt of said request, the President shall direct the Executive Director to send written notification to the Association of the special meeting. Notice must be sent within five (5) days of receipt of the request, and the meeting must be held within twenty (20) days of the request. Only business described in the request may be discussed.

Section 6. The President may convene a Business Meeting during any month.