Section 1. The Board of Directors (Board) is the governing body of the Association. It shall consist of the Officers of the Association, as described in Article 4, and six Directors, elected by the Association. The President shall serve as Chairman of the Board, but shall not vote on Board matters except to break a tie vote. The Board may meet between regular meetings of the Association to conduct routine business of the Association. The Board must report to the Association of each meeting held and of business conducted. The Board and its members shall have fiduciary responsibilities to the Association. Board Members may not act individually in conducting Association business.

Section 2. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors resulting from a resignation or inability to serve, the President shall nominate a Member to serve the remainder of the term, with the consent of the Board.

Section 3. The Board shall be responsible for establishing Policies and Procedures for the Association and for developing a long-range, comprehensive plan that outlines the goals of the Association, with a timetable to achieve those goals. This plan shall be reviewed and updated as necessary on an annual basis.

Section 4. Officers and Directors shall be mindful that they represent the Association, and shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, they shall be aware of the behavior of all Members and persons at Association events, and shall demand appropriate conduct or sportsmanship when necessary.