Section 1.  There shall be two categories of membership: Regular and Junior. 

Section 2.  Regular Membership. 

Applicants for Regular Membership (Member) must be at least 18 years of age and shall agree with the Purpose of the Association as stated in Article 2.

Section 3. Junior Membership.
a. A Junior Member must be 17 years of age or younger and must be sponsored by a Regular Member in good standing.  Junior Members shall pay no dues and cannot vote on Association matters or elections.  Junior Members may serve as non-voting members of committees, but may not serve as chairperson of a committee.

b. A Junior Member will remain in that category until he/she reaches his/her 18th birthday, at which point he/she will automatically be elevated to Regular (adult) Member and shall pay the current dues as assessed in Article 9.

c. Non-Sponsored Junior Membership.
A person who is not younger than 16 years of age, nor older than 17 years of age, and who wishes to join the RISAA, but does not have a parent to join and act as sponsor, shall be allowed to join as a Non-Sponsored Junior Member, providing written permission is granted from the applicant's parent or legal guardian.

1. That Junior members conduct themselves in an orderly manner during all Association - sponsored events and meetings.   If a Junior member acts disorderly, his/her sponsor shall be responsible for enforcing proper behavior.  If the misbehavior continues, any officer shall be bound to ask the Junior member to be removed from the meeting or event.  

2. Any second or subsequent misbehavior shall result in revocation of membership.