Section 1. General. All Association Members (Regular and Junior) shall agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the "RISAA Code of Conduct" passed by and published by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Grievances. The Board of Directors shall address complaints of Members against one another or may initiate its own complaint against a Member. Complaints may only apply to violations of these By-Laws and/or non-conformance to the RISAA Code of Conduct.

Section 3. Registering a Complaint. The complaining Member must detail the complaint in writing and present it to any Board member. The Secretary or Executive Director shall detail any complaint initiated from the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Resolving a Complaint. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the accused Member shall be notified of the complaint and the Board shall convene within 30 days of the notification date so that all parties may present grievances and rebuttal.

If said complaint is found to be justified, the Board shall be empowered to mediate the grievance; or, in a case of severe misconduct, the Board shall revoke the offender's Membership. A majority vote of the Board shall be required to revoke said Membership.

Section 5. Appeal. The offending Member may appeal the revocation by a written request for a hearing before the Association at the next Business Meeting. A majority vote of Members present at said Business Meeting shall be required to reverse the revocation.