Section 1. Election of Officers and Directors will take place during the Annual Meeting.

A. By September 1 of each year, the President shall appoint an Election Committee Chairman, who shall organize an Election Committee consisting of no less than three Association Members. No member of the Election Committee may be a current Officer or Director or a candidate for office.

B. The Election Committee shall develop a slate of at least one candidate for each Officer or Director position.

C. The Secretary or Executive Director shall announce in the Association monthly newsletter for August and September that the date of the Close of Nominations for the election of Officers and Directors shall be October 15.

D. The Election Committee shall solicit input from the current Board and the general membership of the Association. Nominations may be submitted to the Secretary or Election Committee Chairman up to the date of the Close of Nominations.

E. The Election Committee shall advise the candidates of the duties of the office and confirm the willingness of those candidates to assume the position, if they are elected.

F. Members shall be notified of the slate of candidates prior to the Annual Meeting.

G. At the start of the election segment of the Annual Meeting, the Officers and Directors shall step down and the Chairman of the Election Committee shall assume temporary control of the meeting, which shall include responsibility for conducting the election process until a qualified candidate is elected to each position.

H. The Election Committee shall present its entire slate of candidates to the Members present.

I. All candidates must be present at the Annual Meeting. If a candidate is unable to attend the Annual Meeting due to exceptional causes such as illness, family emergency or extraordinary work obligations, the candidate must, prior to the start of the Annual Meeting, present a written statement to either the Executive Director or Election Committee Chairman explaining the reasons for not attending. The Executive Director or Election Committee chairman shall determine the validity of any written statement as soon as possible. If the statement is deemed valid, the candidate shall remain on the ballot. If the statement is deemed invalid or questionable, the person making that determination (Executive Director or Election Committee Chairman) shall pass the statement to a committee consisting of the President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President for final determination of the statement. If the statement is deemed valid the candidate shall remain on the ballot. If the statement is deemed invalid, the candidate shall be removed from the ballot.

J. All Members must cast their vote in person.

K. The Election Committee shall collect, supervise and tabulate ballots and announce the results. If a slate of candidates consists of only one candidate for each available position, the Election Committee Chairman may (by a seconded and approved motion), cast one vote to accept the entire slate, which action shall be considered as a plurality vote.

L. No one shall be declared elected to any office unless they receive a plurality of the votes cast. In cases of failure to receive a plurality of votes cast for any position, there shall be one or more run-off elections between those tied with the most votes cast for that position.

M. The Election Committee shall cease to function upon the conclusion of the election, when all positions are filled, at which time the Officers and Directors shall assume their normal roles and the President shall continue the Annual Meeting. If for some reason a conclusion to the election cannot be reached for any position within two hours of successive voting, the Election Committee Chairman shall recess the process, the existing Board shall return to its normal role and the President shall establish a time when the vote process may continue.

N. No Member can hold more than one elected office at the same time.

O. No two immediate family members may hold office at the same time.

Section 2. Elected Officers and Directors shall assume their positions on January 1 immediately following the election.