RISAA Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
Code Of Conduct
Whereas, the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (Association) is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports marine conservation and the sound management of fisheries resources; and provides a unified voice to protect the rights, traditions and the future of recreational fishing, it is required that all Members adhere to the following Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior.

Members shall not act, nor knowingly cause or encourage others to act in any manner that would bring discredit the Association.

Members may not speak for, or otherwise imply authorization to speak for, the Association without the expressed direction of the Board of Directors.

Members may not solicit any products or services in the name of the Association, without the expressed permission of the Board of Directors, except for discounts previously arranged by the Association and made publicly available to all members

Members shall learn and obey fishing and boating regulations.

Members shall treat other anglers, boaters and property owners with courtesy and respect.

Members are encouraged to report, but not confront, fishing violators.

Members shall value and respect the marine environment and all living things in it and shall:
  • Avoid spilling, and dumping pollutants on land or in the water,
  • Dispose of trash, including worn-out lines, leaders and hooks and help to keep fishing sites litter-free,
  • Keep no more fish than needed for consumption and shall never wastefully discard fish that are retained,
  • Carefully handle and release all fish that are unwanted or prohibited by regulation