Adopted August 24, 2004


A. Committees shall be created by the President and shall remain in existence per Association By-Laws, Article 8.

B. The committee chairperson shall be responsible to express the purpose and objective of the committee in writing. Such description shall be submitted to the Board of Directors within thirty (30) days of the creation of the committee.

C. If the committee should wish to change the purpose and/or objective of the committee, the chairperson must submit proposed wording to the Board of Directors.


A. Any Member of the Association in good standing is eligible to become a committee member.

B. There shall be no restriction as to the number of members on a committee, except as decided by the committee.

C. All committee members must be willing to work toward the fulfillment of the purpose and objectives of the committee.

D. If an Association Member wishes to join a committee, that person’s membership to the committee shall be voted upon by the committee’s members, with the majority prevailing.

E. If an Association Member wishes to only attend a committee meeting, without becoming a member of the committee, that Member must contact the committee chairperson for permission at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance.

F. Any Member who attends a committee meeting without being a committee member shall have no voice at the meeting, except as directed by the chairperson. In no case shall the non-member have an official vote in committee matters.

G. If a committee member is deemed a hindrance to the committee, either a majority of the committee, or the chairperson alone, can dismiss the committee member from further committee membership. The dismissed member shall have the right to appeal to the Association per Association By-Laws, Article 12, Sec. 2 Grievances.


A. Serving on any committee of the Association is a privilege. The behavior and actions of committee members must always represent the best interests of the Association.

B. The committee shall not be allowed to change any long-term practice or policy of the Association without prior approval of the Board of Directors or the Association, as allowed by the By-Laws.

C. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to override any action or decision of any committee in accordance with Association By-Laws, Article 8.


A. Committee meetings shall be governed in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, latest revision.

B. Meetings shall be held as needed to achieve the purpose and objective of the committee, except that each committee shall conduct one Annual Committee Meeting during the last quarter of each calendar year, prior to the Association’s Annual Meeting.

C. The Annual Committee Meeting shall include an election of the chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary for the upcoming year and a discussion and planning of any finances needed for the committee.

D. Minutes and attendance shall be recorded of all committee meetings and shall include a financial report of any expenditures, and/or income, or any other financial transaction, since the last report.

E. The minutes of each committee, with financial information, shall be submitted to the Association’s Secretary within thirty (30) days of the meeting date.

F. If finances are required by the committee, a budget of the expected expenditures and assets shall be prepared at the Annual Committee Meeting and shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the Association’s Annual Meeting.


A. The President shall appoint the first chairperson upon creation of a committee. Except for “unusual situations” (described below), this chairperson shall serve until the next Annual Meeting of the committee.

B. An “unusual situation” is when the chairperson either is unable to perform the duties of the chair (such as due to illness, for example) or when the chairperson becomes inactive in the Association, or, based on the observations of a majority of the committee members, is ineffective in achieving the purposes and objectives of the committee.

C. “Unusual situations” shall be reported to the President or Board of Directors immediately. The Board of Directors shall advise the committee of how to continue.

D. If a committee has three (3) or more members, they shall elect their own chairperson at the next Annual Meeting of the committee.

E. Each committee shall elect a vice chairperson and secretary as the number of committee members allows. The vice chairperson shall preside in place of the chairperson, if the chairperson is absent. The secretary shall record all minutes.